Thank you for visiting! I started this blog in response to friends who requested more of an insight into recent events in Iraq and Syria. I have worked in and studied the Middle and Near East for much of the last 17 years, more recently focussing on Iraq and the Levant. My aim is to share some of what I’ve learnt on subjects also often misrepresented or glossed over in the 24hr news cycle, and to guide readers to the most insightful and informed sources of further reading.


I’ve had several occupations and interests in my life, most of them drawing me to Africa and the Middle East through academic study, NGO and government work. I’m currently writing a book about Saddam Hussein’s Anfal operations against the Kurds in the 1980s – specifically the stories of three families who fought and fled the chemical bombardments  in late August 1988.


See this post for more details on the background to my recent BBC article.

Faces of Iraq

When travelling in Iraq I wrote some mini-interviews that I presented a la Humans of New York, because I love Brandon’s blog so much.

I started a straight photo blog, with no background stories, on Tumblr but haven’t updated it in a long time.