Fertility in Iraq

This morning the BBC published the article about what happened during my last research visit to Iraq. I haven’t written much on this blog for a long time as I have been working hard on my Anfal book. My last trip was incredibly difficult but very rewarding and I’m so grateful to Kavout, who was by my side throughout, and to all my other friends who supported me there.

The BBC like to stay quite neutral in terms of charities so I wasn’t allowed to advertise the fact that Kavout and I attempted to climb Halgurd to raise money for Medecins Sans Frontieres’ work in Iraq. They have the only midwife unit in the refugee camps there and it really is a lifeline. If you want to donate to this work then you can do so via our fundraising page or directly to MSF (specify if you want your donation to go to their Iraq work).

I’ll post more about this and other things from my trip in the coming weeks so follow my blog if you’re interested in updates.