Super-rich control $30tn of global wealth, equal to 40 percent of world GDP – study

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the global distribution of wealth shown more clearly. The most surprising for me was the size of the Oceania wealth (more than the whole of Africa), given the size of their population, and that the Middle East wealth was actually much lower than I thought, and than popular media would have us believe.

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RT | November 21, 2014

About 13 percent of global wealth of adults is concentrated in the hands of 0.004 percent of the population, according to a new study. And the trend is set to continue with the number of high net worth individuals reached a record 211,275 in 2014.

Swiss bank UBS and consulting firm Wealth-X compiled the World Ultra Wealth Report 2014 released Thursday.

“Ultra-high net worth” (UHNW) individuals are defined as people with a fortune of about $30 million. Of the 211,275 that fall into the category, 2,325 are billionaires, a 7.1 percent increase since last year. Experts believe the number of billionaires could rise to 4,000 by 2020.

“Even amidst geopolitical conflicts, socio-economic strife, and volatile currency markets, the world’s equity markets displayed strong performances, thereby enabling UHNW individuals’ wealth to increase and their influence across industries and sectors to grow — from their importance in…

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